The Boberg XR9 Series of pocket pistols are the definition of power, performance and prestige.


Ballistics that rival the Glock 26
Size that rivals the Rohrbaugh R9

The Boberg XR9-S Shorty was designed to duplicate the ballistics of the G26 in a much smaller form factor. The XR9-S Shorty delivers the same amount of stopping power as the G26 because it has a similar-length internal barrel and is able to shoot high-pressure 9mm+P ammunition, just as the Glock can.



Match-grade accuracy

The Boberg XR9 series of pistols gives you incredible accuracy in such a small package.  In the hands of a practiced shooter, you can expect 15-Yard groups as good or better than the ones at left. The XR9's butter-smooth DAO trigger not only gives you the fastest and safest "battle ready" self defense trigger configuration, but also allows incredibly accurate target shooting enjoyment as well.

Owning a Boberg XR9 is like owning two high-quality pistols:  one for concealed carry protection, and another for target shooting pleasure!



Luxurious quality & engineering


The Boberg XR9 is made of the highest quality materials available in the world of firearms. Boberg Arms' cutting-edge manufacturing technology and artisanal hand-craftsmanship combine to give you a semi-custom firearms of the highest quality, caliber and durability. We focus so much attention to detail in our production and assembly that customers are often amazed at the quality, precision and aesthetics of our guns.  In fact, our customers tell us that owning a Boberg XR9 fills them with the same kind of pride and satisfaction as owning the finest luxury watch or automobile.

Owning an XR9 means you will have a treasured possession you can pass down to your grandchildren!


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