The Boberg Arms patented Reverse Feed System gives the XR Series pistols advantages over all other subcompacts.


In our pistols, the cartridge is loaded into the back of the magazine. As the slide moves to the rear of the firearm, it strips the round out the back of the magazine.The cartridge is then lifted into the bolt face, and as the slide returns to its resting position, is pushed straight into the chamber. We have eliminated the need for a feed ramp and have tightened up the chamber, reducing out-gassing and directing more pressure to the projectile.

We also utilize a rotating barrel locked breech system. By keeping our barrel, bolt face and slide one piece until the projectile is 20 yards downrange

the XR series dedicates
MORE POWER to the projectile and MORE ACCURACY from a barrel that remains stationary to the bore axis.

┬áSince we are pulling the cartridge out of the back of the magazine and then lifting it up into the bolt face, we are effectively “sneaking” the cartridge past the barrel, allowing our barrels to extend over the top of the magazine. This is how we can offer a very small 5.1 inch pistol (XR9-S, 9mm) with an astonishingly long 3.35 inch barrel! Our XR45-S is 5.7 inches long with a 3.75 inch barrel! The barrels in our subcompacts are as long as many mid and full sized semi-automatics, giving the shooter “FULL SIZED BALLISTICS” in a SUBCOMPACT PISTOL!

A longer barrel means MORE POWER and BETTER ACCURACY!

To add to that, the XR Series pistols do not use a recoil spring. Instead they utilize the lift mechanism and rotating barrel mechanism to absorb felt recoil. These two mechanical actions consume energy far more efficiently than an old school recoil spring does. The spring that runs the length of our slide is a return spring, who’s only function is to return the slide back into it’s resting position. Since we are not using this spring to absorb recoil, we can make it substantially lighter than the other folks, making the XR Series the EASIEST RACKING PISTOL in its size class!

The XR series pistols give you pocket pistol conceal ability with a FULL SIZED PUNCH, when you need it most!